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Northwestern District Attorney – Job Posting

Date:  May, 2015

Position Title:  High Risk Team (HRT) Coordinator 

Main functions: Program emphasis on monitoring and containment of high risk repeat domestic violence offenders and victim safety.  Part time (30 hours weekly) position with the Northwestern District Attorney’s Office, serving Franklin and Hampshire counties and the town of Athol.

Duties & Responsibilities:

  • Identify high risk domestic violence offenders (HRO), with agreed upon criteria (repeat offenders, etc.), in consultation with HRT

  • Maintain list of HROs, with each file containing a HRO summary and Individual Plan (e.g. GPS, safety checks, drive-bys, etc.) with HRT recommendations

  • Respond to referrals from outside agencies, in consultation with HRT, utilizing confidentiality standards

  • Collect police reports, criminal records and relevant information on each referred offender in order to make informed presentation to HRT

  • Communicate with team members such as police and probation in preparation for team meeting

  • Facilitate a monthly meeting, one in each county, to review any new referrals and to review the list to further assess risk and develop Individualized Plans 

  • Prioritize new DV cases, in consultation with Unit Chief and Director, V/W Advocate, police and ADAs, and distribute updated list weekly to V/W advocates; fax file information to court as needed

  • Provide list to probation so they can inform HRO that he/she has been identified as high risk

  • Identify and update files, including scanned folders for prosecutors, and inform ADA when HRO is charged with another crime

  • Maintain the “watch list” and “pending list” to identify any new offenses which result in a case that needs to be brought forward to the team 

  • Distribute “no contact” brochure for victims to explain conditions and violations of probation 

  • Review monthly Board of Probation records and review police reports on any new warrant, and update file summary

  • Communicate with House of Correction (HOC) and the Moving Forward Batterer’s intervention program regarding referrals and updates

  • Communicate with Probate Court Family Service Officers to identify HROs

  • Establish protocols for dispatchers and state/local police to flag HRO’s

  • Fast track cases by initiating emergency protocol when needed

  • Train court staff, police, VSPs, family service officers and first responders in high risk danger assessment/referrals and non-fatal strangulation

  • Provide ongoing consultation and support to community service agencies

  • Convene quarterly HRT Advisory Board for ongoing consultation and expertise from community service agencies

  • Complete grant progress reports as required by the Office on Violence Against Women


  • Bachelor’s degree; 

  • Working knowledge of dynamics of abuse specifically related to domestic violence and sexual assault;

  • Leadership and interpersonal skills to successfully foster strong partnership team;

  • Ability to communicate clearly, effectively and patiently in-person and on the phone  to a diverse population;

  • Ability to prioritize, organize and multi-task;  

  • Must be able to demonstrate professional discretion and maintain confidentiality at all times;

  • Experience working with law enforcement and/or courts preferred.

SALARY:        $32, 640.00 yearly with full state employee benefits.  This is a grant funded position for 30 hours weekly.  

Applicants must submit cover letter, resume and Employment Application Form, (form located on to 




Applicants must submit cover letter, resume and Employment Application Form, (form located on to