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Superior Court

 First Assistant District Attorney Steven E. Gagne, chief of Superior Court District Attorneys

Chief Counsel: Jeremy Bucci

Superior Court Special Units:

Narcotics and Drug Forfeiture - Assistant District Attorney Jeremy Bucci, chief - Specializes in prosecuting drug crimes.

Child Abuse Unit - Assistant District Attorney Linda Pisano, chief  - Specializes in prosecuting crimes against  children, one of the Northwestern District's most vulnerable populations.

Elder and Disabled Unit - Assistant District Attorney Jayme Parent, chief - Specializes in prosecuting crimes against elders, working with local police, Councils on Aging and other groups comprised by and/or advocating for elders and the disabled.

Domestic Violence and Sexual Assault - Assistant District Attorney Jennifer Suhl, chief - Specializes in prosecuting domestic violence and sexual assault, some of the most prevalent and devastating crimes committed in the Northwestern District.

Superior Court is the court in which major felonies such as murder, robbery, drug trafficking and serious crimes of violence and abuse are prosecuted. 

These types of cases must first be presented to a Grand Jury, which issues indictments charging defendants with these serious crimes.  Trial juries in Superior Court consist of twelve persons, as opposed to just six in District Court. 

Defendants convicted of felonies in Superior Court can be sentenced to lengthy periods of incarceration in state prison, which is not available in District Court.

There are two Superior Courts in the Northwestern District: Hampshire Superior Court, located in Northampton, and Franklin Superior Court, located in Greenfield.