Employment Opportunities




DATE:                           MAY 2019


The IT Systems Support Engineer (“ISSE”) for the office of the Northwestern District Attorney (“NWDA”) is responsible for providing support for all IT functions in the main office and all satellite NWDA offices throughout Hampshire and Franklin counties. The ISSE reports to the IT Director, and assists the IT Director and the Operations Manager with all IT-related tasks. The ISSE will master and provide support for all NWDA IT systems, and will be assigned primary responsibility for certain systems at the discretion of the IT Director. The ISSE provides 1st tier technical support to staff on Windows-based workstations operating in a Windows domain environment, and assists the IT Director with installation, configuration and ongoing maintenance of the workstations, servers, network, backup systems, and printers. The ISSE will take the lead in providing courtroom support and pre-trial assistance for multimedia presentations.  The ISSE will assist with deployment and utilization of databases, including the Damion case-management system and numerous Access and Paradox databases. The ISSE will assist with maintenance of the NWDA website and Intranet site, and the filming and editing of public service and training videos. Duties require being on-call on some evenings and weekends to provide emergency technical assistance to NWDA staff, and maintenance to critical NWDA systems. The position requires traveling to satellite offices, providing in-court support, and filling in for the IT Director in his absence. Applicant must have a car and be capable of lifting heavy equipment.


  • Familiarization with all NWDA IT systems;
  • Respond to calls for assistance from NWDA staff. Work with staff to identify and resolve problems with their computers, including hardware, installed software, and network and printing related issues;
  • Documents, tracks and monitors support requests to ensure a timely resolution;
  • Install and replace printer supplies;
  • Travel to satellite offices to provide in-person assistance as needed;
  • Assist with the on-going development and support of the NWDA technical infrastructure;
  • Provide general system-level support, including configuration, maintenance, and support of workstations;
  • Assist in the deployment of new PCs, including imaging, installing software, testing, and installation;
  • Assist with maintenance of the network, backup, and server systems;
  • Update workstations utilizing LANDesk;
  • Help create and maintain user and workstation listings in Active Directory;
  • Develop, maintain and troubleshoot group policy settings;
  • Maintain email accounts in Microsoft Exchange Management Console;
  • Ensure all workstations are up to date on anti-virus protection;
  • Maintain backup system;
  • Assist in the planning and implementation of software upgrades;
  • Help maintain an inventory of equipment and software;
  • Provide support for servers running Windows and Citrix Presentation servers.
  • Setup and train users to connect remotely using VPN and Citrix;
  • Learn both the user interface and underlying data structure of the Damion case management system.
  • Provide end-user and system support for Damion;
  • Design reports using Crystal Reports for Damion, Access and Paradox databases;
  • Assist with support for the Digital Case Files system and AccuRoute document routing software;
  • Provide support for numerous Paradox and Access databases;
  • Assist with maintenance of the NWDA website and with the development and maintenance of an NWDA intranet;
  • Utilize Adobe Creative Suites and Microsoft Office applications to prepare multimedia court presentations, and to edit training and public service videos;
  • Provide support for Microsoft Office applications;
  • Utilize specialized audio and video forensics software to improve the quality of video surveillance and audio files to be used as evidence in court proceedings;
  • Be prepared to provide direct in-court assistance to prosecutors, including assisting with multimedia presentations, setting up hardware and testifying to the preparation of evidence;
  • Travel to the NWDA satellite offices throughout Hampshire and Franklin counties as needed;
  • Perform related duties such as attending seminars, workshops, training sessions and professional meetings,  Fill in for the IT Director in his absence, including being on call on evenings and weekends; Carry out other related duties as needed.


  • 2+ years’ experience in technical operations relative to technical infrastructures and systems
  • Knowledge of MS Windows operating systems environment
  • Knowledge of Active Directory and Organizational Units
  • Knowledge of IVANTI systems management software
  • Knowledge of Citrix Presentation Server
  • Knowledge of Symantec Anti-Virus
  • Knowledge of AppAssure backup system
  • Knowledge of Damion Case Management system
  • Knowledge of Microsoft Office
  • Knowledge of MS-Access, Paradox or other Database Applications
  • Knowledge of Exchange Management Console and Outlook
  • Some experience with Visual Basic for Applications and PowerShell scripting
  • Knowledge of the methods and techniques used in organizing work processes and functions to facilitate the use of computer methods
  • Experience providing technical support for computing infrastructure
  • Ability to plan and conduct technical training
  • Ability to work independently and in a team setting
  • Capable of troubleshooting problems with elusive solutions
  • Ability to work closely on technical issues with people who are not technically proficient

    SALARY: Range of $40,000 - $50,000 plus medical and other employee benefits.

    Applicants must submit a NWDA Employment Application Form located on www.northwesternda.org, a cover letter and resume to martha.murphy-kane@state.ma.us.