DA to host Senior Savvy Jeopardy during National Consumer Protection Week (March 4-10)


DA Sullivan to host Senior Savvy Jeopardy games in Erving and South Hadley next week

Doing his best Alex Trebek impersonation, Northwestern District Attorney David E. Sullivan will host Senior Savvy Jeopardy Tuesday, at 1 p.m. on March 6 at the Erving Senior Center, 1 Care Drive in Erving,  and at 10:45 a.m. on Thursday, March 8 at the South Hadley Senior Center, 45 Dayton St. in South Hadley, in observance of National Consumer Protection Week.

It’s a fun, interactive computerized game designed to test seniors’ knowledge of scams, how to protect their finances and other consumer issues. You can test your knowledge with the question below.

QUESTION: Your personal & financial information was exposed during the Equifax Breach. What is the best way to keep your information safe from criminals?

  1. Put a credit freeze on all 3 of your credit reports-Transunion, Equifax & Experian. This will prevent anyone, including you, from opening up new credit using your name & information.
  2. Contact the Social Security Office & request a new Social Security #
  3. Pay for credit monitoring from each of the 3 credit reporting agencies, Transunion, Equifax & Experian
  4. Do nothing, because at this point you have a solid, established credit record.

The answer, unfortunately, is not D. It’s A.

“Scammers target seniors and other vulnerable populations,” Sullivan said. “But we consumers can do a lot to protect ourselves and our loved ones by taking some relatively simple preventative actions.”