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Orange drug arrest



Kenneth Dennis, 46, of 18 Mechanic Street, Apt 2, in Orange was arrested at his residence today and expected to be charged with the following offenses:
-possession with intent to distribute heroin, subsequent offense
-distribution of heroin, subsequent offense
-five counts of possession of a shotgun without an FID card as a level three armed career criminal (15 year minimum mandatory for each count) 
-possession of firearm in the commission of a felony.
The Northwestern Anti-Crime Task Force executed a search warrant on the residence and recovered 5 shotguns, heroin, a scale and packaging material used in drug distribution. 
According to police, Dennis admitted to selling heroin to support his own habit and was planning to sell the shotguns.
"Distribution of opiates will not be tolerated in this district," said Jeremy Bucci, chief trial counsel for the Northwestern District Attorney's Office.
This is the second heroin-related arrest by the task force in as many weeks; Bucci said the Northwestern Anti-Crime Task Force will continue to prioritize drug investigations. 
"Today's arrest demonstrates the commitment of state and local law enforcement to combatting this issue," Bucci said. 
"We will hold accountable those that poison our communities.  We will also pay particular attention to those that choose to mix drugs and illegal weapons in our effort to safeguard our citizens against the well documented potential consequences of such criminal activity."