Southampton man sentenced to probation in open and gross lewdness case


Richard Moussette, 56, of Southampton, admitted in Northampton District Court today,  to facts sufficient for a guilty finding on three counts of open and gross lewdness.

Judge Michael Goggins, accepting a joint recommendation by the Commonwealth and defense, sentenced him to probation for 2 years with multiple conditions, including that he attend and complete sex offender treatments, attend mental health counseling,  take any mental health medications as prescribed,  have no contact with the victims and refrain from working, coaching or volunteering with unsupervised minors.

His case will be continued without a finding providing he does not violate his probation.

Moussette admitted that that the facts were sufficient to find him guilty of lewd acts for having stood nude in a doorway in the middle of the night when three girls in multiple separate incidents walked by him to use the restroom during sleepovers in 2011 and 2012.