Youth Conference to train middle schoolers to promote healthy choices


More than 120 students from area schools will gather to practice leadership skills that can help them promote healthy living choices among their peers at next week’s You Lead Middle School Youth Conference at Greenfield Community College, Wednesday, March 29, from 8 a.m.- 1:30 p.m.

It’s  the Fifth Annual Conference for Youth hosted by the Office of Northwestern District Attorney David E. Sullivan.  This year, the NWDA and partners are excited to be working closely with the Massachusetts Interscholastic Athletic Association, which developed the curriculum.

“Youth leadership for substance use prevention is essential.  Supporting our youth leaders in creating positive alternatives to drug and alcohol is one of the best investments we can make,” Sullivan said.

Students from the following schools will be at the conference: Jabish Brook Middle School (Belchertown), Hilltown Cooperative Charter Public School (Easthampton), White Brook Middle School (Easthampton), Great Falls Middle School (Gill-Montague), Granby Jr. High School,  Greenfield Middle School, Smith Academy (Hatfield), JFK Middle School (Hatfield), Pioneer Valley Regional School District (Northfield), Smith Middle School (South Hadley), PVPA (South Hadley), Sabis  International Charter School (Springfield) and Hampshire Regional (Westhampton).

Northampton High School students in the Caught Off Guard Theater Group, will perform from  11:50 a.m. - 12:20  p.m.  (See agenda below for other activities.)

YOU LEAD Middle School Youth Conference

March 29, 2017 Agenda 8:00-8:45 
Check-in Activities: School posters, Pre-survey, Breakfast

8:45-9:15             Welcome and Introductions: MIAA and Northwestern
                            District Attorney Dave Sullivan

           Knowledge and Skills Pre-test

          That’s Me

9:15-9:45             Group Skit, Poem, Cheer (Jane)

9:45-10:15           Whole Group Activity (Robert)


10:15–10:45         Whole Group Activity (Robert)

                            Alcohol and Drug Misuse

10:45-11:20          Student Leader Breakout Session (Jane)

                            Relationships, Violence Prevention/Sexting

           Adult Leader Breakout Session (Robert)

11:20-11:50          Lunch

11:50- 12:20         Caught Off Guard Theater Group, NHS students

12:20-12:50          Gives to Gets     (Jane)

                            BEST Method/Problem Solving

                            You Never Know When Scenarios…

12:50-1:25            Action Planning (Robert)

                            Report Out                     

1:25                     Post-Survey and Program Evaluation

1:30                     Adjourn