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About Us

Our Leadership Team

David E. Sullivan / District Attorney

Janice Healy / Deputy District Attorney

Steven Gagne / First Assistant District Attorney

Martha Murphy Kane / Director of Operations

Donna Dudkiewicz/Chief Financial Officer

Thomas Townsend/ Chief of Appeals

Yvonne Pesce/ Chief of Juvenile Justice

Rosemary Tarantino/ Chief of District Court Unit

Jacqueline Gaw/ Director of Victim/Witness Assistance

Robin Whitney/ State Police Detective Unit Commanding Officer

Jeremy Bucci/ Chief Trial Counsel

Linda Pisano/ Chief of Child Abuse Unit

Jennifer Suhl/Chief of Domestic Violence and Sexual Assault Unit

Jayme Parent/ Chief of Elders and Disabilities Unit

Chris Geffin/Elder and Persons with Disabilities Unit Program Coordinator

Don Gallagher/ Director of Outreach and Education

Mary Kociela/ Director of Domestic Violence Projects

Janice Garrett/Director of Consumer Protection Division

Bruce Fieldman/IT Director

Mary Carey/Director of Communications  (413) 588-4274 (cell)

Michelle Candiano/District Court Administrator

Ann Metzger/Superior Court Administrator

Elizabeth Mulcahy/Juvenile Community Prosecutor

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One Gleason Plaza, Northampton: Google Maps

13 Conway St., Greenfield: Google Maps

To the Citizens of the Northwestern District

The Northwestern District Attorney’s Office is dedicated to serving the people of Hampshire and Franklin counties and the town of Athol through rigorous, fair prosecutions and progressive prevention and intervention efforts.

The dedicated prosecutors and staff are committed to protecting the public and advocating for victims of crime. 

Although the primary responsibility of the Office is prosecuting crime, we also have a strong focus on progressive education and prevention efforts in the areas of domestic violence, child abuse, juvenile justice, elders and people with disabilities.

We are the law office of the People and are steadfast guardians of the rights and liberties of every citizen.   We will advocate for making our communities safer and stronger, while protecting civil rights and promoting social justice.

This website is designed to provide you with complete and updated information on the services we offer, the court system, office news and how to contact the various departments in our office. We hope you find it helpful.


Dave Sullivan